Saturday, 29 April 2017

Apple Plans to Launch its First "SELF-DRIVING CAR"

There have been rumours, old and new that support that Apple is in the process of producing a self driving automobile. Well here's some latest fact to back them up.

A Lexus RX450h was spotted on the streets of California, decked with an assemblage of sensors, cameras and other assistive gear that would work in tandem to make a self driving vehicle. Having procured a permission from the California DMV to perform a test run of the project on public streets, three autonomous self driving Lexus SUVs were spotted by multiple people on the roads of California. Some of the equipment were identified to be LiDAR sensors manufactured by Velodyne, which have been outsourced by other tech companies to test their own self-reliant automobiles.

For now, it clearly seems that the American tech mogul seems to be focussed on the software aspect of the project, as we can see that they have used commercially purchased vehicles, retrofitted with the required electronic equipment, to make the Lexus SUV a self-dependent vehicle.

Apparently, Apple has specifically undertaken this project, which it calls the "Apple Autonomous System".

Is it too soon to call it the iCar? Maybe. But it is definitely worth anticipating for.


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